Social Skills Groups

What Is A Social Skills Program?

Our social skills program for children of similar ages to develop essential daily living skills to be as independent as they can, in a supported environment.

Social Skills program are developed, planned and facilitated by a Qualified Allied Health Practitioner and a Therapy Assistant.  They are intimate group of 6 children with 2 therapist which allows children to work in smaller groups to develop skills.

These include but are not limited to:, increasing resilience, understanding verbal and non-verbal body language, safety, understanding social rules, developing conversational skills – initiate and engage in reciprocal conversation that are outside of their interests, improving emotional regulation, developing play skills, hygiene, organization and developing routines

The social skills program also facilitates children to build and maintain meaningful relationships and speak about concerns in an open and safe environment.

We run 4 social skills groups broken into like age/development groups for children over 7 to 17 years

School Holiday Skills Programs

These small intensive groups are led by our experienced Allied Health Practitioners.  Our groups offer an opportunity for children to develop new skills with a focus on social communication whist undertaking fun and exciting activities such as:

Lego® Club

Write On Club

Drawing Club

Woodwork Club

Mindfulness Magic Club

Hand Skills Club

Anime Club

Language through Music Club

Let’s Eat Club

Multisport Club