Parent Groups and Training

The 3C’s Playgroup

Full Circle Therapies provide a weekly parenting connection program. The 3 C’s playgroup where we bring crafting, chatting and community together.

This program will allow us to create a safe place where you can:

Held at the Sandalwood family centre Alternative Wednesdays after school 3.30-5.00pm Friday mornings 9.30-11.00 school Terms

Parent Workshops And Training

Full Circle Therapies provides regular training for parents to support them in their role to raise children.

These workshops and training change each term and cover topics such as:

Full Circle Therapies provides regular self-care workshops for parents.  We understand that Caring for a family member with a disability is time-consuming, physically, emotionally and financially draining and as such self-care for these parents and carers usually becomes non-existent, or at best, rare.

Play Days

Full Circle Therapies provide regular play days where we open our doors and welcome all children and families to the centre for a play.

This allows:

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